Board Nominations

In our governance structure, the Church Board oversees the spiritual affairs of Zion Church. This group of individuals is selected by the congregation to serve for two year rotating terms, meaning at least 4 positions are open for election this year. The Board has appointed one of its members plus 3 church members, along with the Sr. Pastor to form a Nominating Committee. Their task is to prayerfully prepare a slate of candidates for presentation for a membership vote.

This year’s committee seeks your involvement in this important process in two ways. First, please pray. It is our desire that God’s hand lead the process. Your prayers will make a difference! Secondly, we ask for your input in the form of suggestions. If there are members that you think would meet the spiritual qualifications of a leader as outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and should be considered for the board please contact Twyla Penner, Remi Christianson, Ryan Dietz or Pastor Bruce this week. The Committee will consider all names submitted.

The documents below will assist you in identifying individuals that would meet the qualifications of board members. If you are given the honour of potentially joining our spiritual leadership team, this information will help you prayerfully decide whether you should let your name stand.