Jesus, Messiah - Our Living HopeWe want to encourage you to read through the Book of Mark THREE TIMES in the coming months.  Once in February, once in March, and once in April.  The reading list below is designed to give you 5 readings a week for 4 weeks.  Becoming familiar with the Book of Mark will help you engage with the sermons and we hope will allow you to be more sensitive to God’s voice in these next days.  We have included three heading questions over sections of Mark and hope you will reflect on them as you read.  PLAN to read through the book of Mark as a family.  Be ready to dialogue about the things God is showing you through the book.  Printable PDF

Mark 1:1-8:26 - Who is Jesus?

Mark 8:27-10:52 - What does it mean for Jesus to be Messiah?

Mark 11:1-16:20 - How Jesus becomes King