The Senior Pastor is responsible, under God, to lead the congregation, pastoral staff and ministry teams, toward the fulfillment of the vision of ZEMC, in cooperation with the Board of Directors.

The Senior Pastor is the administrative officer of the church and, as such, in an advisory capacity, gives insight, counsel, and leadership to the Board of Directors. This person will be familiar with the by-laws and policies of ZEMC and carry out the responsibilities identified therein.


The Senior Pastor shall, consistent with the ZEMC incorporation by-law, clause 9.03:

  1. Lead in developing, communicating, and promoting the vision and mission of ZEMC
  2. Be responsible for all services and special events;
  3. Assume the primary preaching role and ensure that the pulpit ministry is God-honoring and in harmony with the doctrines and mission of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada;
  4. Coordinate pastoral care of individual and congregational needs;
  5. Give organizational leadership to congregational ministries and report regularly to the Board;
  6. Support and give oversight to paid staff including annual performance reviews and regular staff meetings;
  7. Represent the church at community functions and maintain active participation in the local ministerial association.

Regular duties that result from these responsibilities are:

  • Educator/ Theologian
    • Teacher/preacher
    • Mentor/discipler
    • Continual learner
    • Protect the flock from heresy
    • Oversee the worship services
  • Administrative Officer
    • Oversee the Church Staff
    • Work with church Board
    • Work with BOC regarding finances and church usage
    • Oversee all church ministries
    • Administrator/ Decision maker
    • Vision caster
  • Pastoral Care
    • Visitation – Shut-ins, hospital, etc.
    • Weddings & Funerals
    • Counselor
  • Ambassador to the community, denomination and the world


The Senior Pastor is responsible to the Board of Directors which includes reporting to the Board regularly and presenting an annual report to the congregation.

Attributes and Qualifications

The Senior Pastor shall be a person who has an intimate relationship with God, who consistently practices a life of faith based on an in-depth knowledge of Scripture, doctrine, and Christian practice, and who has a deep desire to share that faith whenever opportunity arises;

Other required qualifications are:

  1. Education – at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree from a Bible college.
  2. Experience
    • At least 10 years of pastoral experience
    • Experience in a multiple staff church